Zero Shanghai



















Within this ongoing project, Zhu Feng uses image to question the image itself in order to illustrate ambiguity of spatial identity in a rapidly changing society of Shanghai. For example, in one of the images, there is a little girl holding a dog, seemingly she walks beside the bushes. However, the girl is a background billboard. Will the buildings behind be her home? The another image is the street-side billboard of criss-cross highways and tall buildings, which intertwines with the pedestrians forming an illusion scene of urban planning, etc. Within such abstract and ambiguous image spaces, the meanings and characters of the spaces are often absent, omitted, or distorted. Zhu Feng, by transforming relationships between 2D and 3D, inside and outside, public and private, true and false, accentuates that the construction of spatial identity diminishes itself in a continuous transformation of spacial images and imagined spaces, that is an abstract vision of urban development in today's Shanghai. (Liu Congyun)